taglyan complex 1201 vine st. hollywood

presented by

los angeles fashion week

fall / winter 2016  march 13th  - 18th

1201 Vine st. taglyan complex hollywood

march 13th - 6pm: fashion week opening night gala

                                    w hotel hollywood @ the station 


march 14th - 7pm: yas couture by elie madi

                        - 7pm: isaac newton

                        - 7pm: kentaro

march 14th - 9pm: kate's couture

                        - 9pm: jaime elyse couture

                        - 9pm: willfredo gerardo 


march 15th - 7pm: responsive textiles                  

                        - 7pm: yhta'k designs
                        - 7pm: rene tyler

march 15th - 9pm: koco blaq

                        - 9PM: Antonella Commatteo
                        - 9pm: joshua christensen
                        - 9pm: mister triple x

march 16th - vh1 save the music presents 

                          colony boys musical performance
                        - 4pm: lil jewels
                        - 4pm: shout out! clothing

                        - 4pm: victoria atelier

                        - 4pm: hollywood doll 

                          vh1 save the music presents jojo

march 16th - 7pm: joey galon atelier 

                         - 7pm: czarina

                         - 7pm: House of Ccuoco

march 16th - 9pm: merline labissiere

                        - 9pm: walter mendez 


march 17th - 4pm: art institutes showcase

march 17th - 7pm: meraqi 

                        - 7pm: evana

                        - 7pm: dunyah 

                        - 7pm: adolfo sanchez

march 17th - 9pm: Performance by Anna Victoria                                        with designs by Arman Morozov

                        - 9PM: mimi tran 

                        - 9pm: fernando alberto atelier

                        - 9pm: rocky gathercole

march 18th - 9pm: closing night gala @ Riviera 31

                                     Performance by gigi Radics